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Mother Teresa: A Simple Path is a book about Mother Teresa written and compiled by Lucinda Vardey. This book is in many ways Mother Teresa's autobiography, which she designed with Lucinda Vardey, just before passing away. It gives voice to a remarkable spirit who dedicated her life to the poorest and provided the best role model for everyone to follow.

This book is unique in that it documents her thoughts, words, and reflections. The Missionaries of Charity is a religious order that Mother Teresa created, and this book documents the thoughts of some of the people who are part of this order. I am a huge supporter of this order.

In this book, Mother Teresa details her everyday life, and records her spiritual wisdom. She has designed this book so that you too could follow the simple path to create a better world for the future.

Mother Teresa is no longer with us, however this book that she has written for us, is something we should all read, and in it you will feel the true spirit of her compassion and love that she had.

Reading this book is a very moving and humbling experience, and I strongly recommend everyone buy it. I was lucky to have first read it back in 1997.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

Born in 1910 in Albania, Mother Teresa went to Loreto Abbey, Dublin, in 1928. From there she travelled to India where she began her work.

From 1929 to 1948, she taught Geography at St Mary's High School in Calcutta. In 1950, she started her own Order, The Missionaries of Charity, to minister aid to the poorest.

She has won numerous awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize. She has created hundreds of homes throughout the world.

"Works of love are always works of Peace"

In A Simple Path, Mother Teresa, senior members of Missionaries of Charity, and volunteers, offer their advice and experience on how we can practise a fuller love for each other and help those less fortunate than ourselves. They discuss fundamental issues such as happiness, fear, compassion, the family, and death. These are all themes of direct relevance to those seeking the deeper meaning of life today.

Mother Teresa emphasises that it is only when the love in our hearts releases that we are able to care for each other with true joyfulness, altruism, and peace. The results of having such a clear credo, when combined with conviction and unflagging energy can be seen in her formidable achievements.

Throughout the past decades of materialism, she together with the members of the Order she has founded, has quietly and effectively been helping the deeply disadvantaged of 123 countries. Her house and centres now include, for example, refuges for the homeless in Europe and AIDS clinics in the United States, as well as homes for the destitute in the poorest parts of India.

A Simple Path is a unique spiritual guide, for Catholics and non-Catholics alike: full of wisdom and hope, from the one person who has given us the greatest example of love in action in our time.


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