Mother Teresa. Something Beautiful for God

Mother Teresa

Something Beautiful for God is a book about Mother Teresa of Calcutta, written by Malcolm Muggeridge. The title of this book is the same name as the film.

This book is not strictly a biography because Mother Teresa was against the idea of one written about her. She felt that she was an instrument of God, and all work was his work. However, this book does show Mother Teresa going about her everyday life performing her duties.

One of the great things about this book is that it shows in detail what her Order does. Even without Mother Teresa, her Order continues her work and this book provides a good insight into that.

This book very much captures her spirit to serve humanity, and to be an instrument of God. There are some wonderful monochrome photographs, together with prayer, thoughts, and explanations by her.

There is certainly a lot to learn and implement from this book. She has words of wisdom for every aspect of life covering, humility, kindness, thoughtfulness, and much more.

This book was also part of the national curriculum in schools. The royalties went to Mother Teresa’s Mission of Charity.


Something Beautiful for God - Book
TitleSomething Beautiful for God
AuthorMalcolm Muggeridge
ISBN Number0 00 215769 1
Copyright HolderThe Mother Teresa Committee, 1971
Last Page156
Date first Published1971
AvailabilityAmazon and all good online bookstores