Richie, Shane. Rags to Richie

Shane Richie - Rags to Richie

Rags to Richie is the autobiography of Shane Richie co-authored by Sue Crawford. It covers the life of Shane from the early beginnings up to 2003.

This is a wonderfully written book, and his style of voice and character comes through in the narrative.

With the help of Sue Crawford, he charts his life from boyhood and growing up as a teenager to becoming a very strong and ethically well-balanced human being with a successful television career.

This book also highlights some of the difficulties that occurred to families after the war and in particular the migration that is involved.

Shane is a hugely popular figure, and he makes his success seem effortless. Most people will probably relate to him from the easy-going character Alfie, however in this book you will learn about the real person behind the character. Through this process of learning, the reader will gain a new appreciation and an increased respect for him.

This book is a very optimistic easy read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


Shane Richie
TitleRags to Richie
AuthorShane Richie and Sue Crawford
PublisherContender Books
ISBN Number1 884357 099 8
Copyright HolderShane Richie
First Published2003
AvailabilityAmazon and all good online bookstores