Branson, Richard. Losing my Virginity

Autobiography Book

Losing my virginity is an autobiography of Sir Richard Branson, one of the most successful British business entrepreneurs of this century.

This comprehensive 488-page volume covers every aspect of his life and begins from his roots leading up to 1993.

He has written the book very well, and his unique style of voice and character comes through in the narrative. The simple clear style of writing makes it a pleasure to read this book, and consequently it appears that he has written it all.

He has organised each chapter of this book to cover different periods in his life. Chapter 1 covers his family life between the periods 1950 to 1963. This way he is able to cover every major event that occurred in his business career, and separate it out into different chapters.

Being a high-profile figure, the reader many have heard about some of the events on the news, however, this book brings a fresh new insight and perspective. I thought chapter 23 covering the BA dirty tricks campaign in 1991 was the most interesting, as I seem to remember hearing about it on television.

This is a useful book for those in business because it provides the reader with an insight into the thinking process used by one of the world's most successful business entrepreneurs. After reading it, you will end up liking him even more because he is someone who plays fair in business, and this aspect of his personality comes through clearly.



After reading this book, I cannot imagine any universe in which Sir Richard would not be successful. If you were to make a vehicle that could travel to the entire quantum realities of the universe, you will find that Richard Branson is successful in every one of them.

He has one of those unique characters that will make you realise that his success is the most natural thing to have happened, and it could not have happened in any other way.

The one interesting thing I noted in this book was that he treats everybody he meets in exactly the same way. He gives them a nice big smile, and provides them a first class service such that they want to help him. That is a very powerful quality to have. There is almost a Jedi quality to the man.

This book demonstrates that Sir Richard is a new breed of executives who likes to make a profit but cares how he makes it. Consequently, he worries about world hunger, climate shifts, and his customers.

He is the sort of person who will do everyone’s homework before a meeting. Then not only look after his interests, but also the other persons interests as well always looking for a win-win situation. This is an admirable quality and a better way to do business.

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson was born on 18 July 1950 in Blackheath, London. His father Edward Branson was a successful Barrister. His grandfather was Sir George Branson, Judge of the High Court Justice and a Privy Councillor.


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