Williams, Rowan. The Truce of God

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The Truce of God is a book written by Dr Rowan Williams, with a foreword message by the Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie. This book was published in1983 when he was a lecturer in Divinity at Cambridge University.

He covers many other topics with interesting headings such as Fears and Fantasies, Illusions of Peace, Not as the World Gives, The Cost of Simplicity, Innocence, or Grace.

The Truce of God is an intriguing idea, and one that has not been fully realised in our modern times, but very much worth considering. The idea came from distant history during feudal times when for three days of the week all hostilities would cease.

It occurred to me that this idea has great potential if implemented globally between religions of the world. If taken to heart, there is every chance of it uniting all the religions. After all, every civilised religion will agree that there is only one true God, and therefore truce has a chance of becoming universal.

Rowan Williams is the foremost intellectual thinkers of our generation. This book demonstrates that his thinking approach is analytical which is very refreshing. He understands science and philosophy well enough to find a sensible middle ground with religion. A religious leader who does that receives my support and admiration.

This book is a useful reference because it has some interesting ideas that can have the reader thinking in different directions. It is like having your own personal Dr Rowan Williams for receiving advice.

Dr Rowan Williams has a wonderful style of clear writing, and I will be keeping a lookout of his other books.

Dr Rowan Williams

Back Cover Description

[Braille Monitors] This is a book of our times. The Truce of God relates the very real strife in the world to the conflict within us. This conflict can only be resolved through the positive power of God's true peace - an inner peace that is available to all of God's creation in all its complexity.

Rowan Williams studied theology at Christ's College, Cambridge, and at Wadham College, Oxford, where he wrote his thesis on modern Russian Orthodox theology.

He spent two years at theological college at Mirfield, before becoming Chaplain and Tutor at Westcott House, Cambridge in 1977.

Since 1980, he has been Lecturer in Divinity, University of Cambridge, and a Canon Theologian of Leicester Cathedral.


TitleThe Truce of God
AuthorRowan Williams
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