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Spectator in Hell is a book written by Colin Rushton, about a British soldier Arthur Dodd, held prisoner in the Auschwitz death camp. This book contains graphic descriptions of shocking events that Arthur Dodd saw and experienced whilst being held there.

The book starts out with much of Arthur’s early life and background and expeditiously gets to his capture.

Chapter 5 includes a detailed description of the Auschwitz death camp, where he describes its layout and organisation.

He also describes the labour camp areas (p. 57) consisting of some of the leading German industrial companies such as Siemens, Schukert, and IG Farben & Co who produced the Zyclon gas used to murder Jewish people.

He also depicts in detail the dehumanising violence of the Germans against the Jews, including brutal and shocking physical and psychological violence. Many readers will find this distressing to read, however, it will serve to educate racists and prejudiced of which there are still plenty in Europe.

Whilst reading this book it occurred to me that when evil people receive power, they bring Hell on Earth. Humankind is always standing on the precipice with the potential to climb to Heaven or fall into Hell.

Here is a small extract, (p. 63)

The Jews were daily being beaten, gassed, and cremated. For many of them death was a merciful relief, but the constant smell of scorched hair and burning flesh was nauseating and one that Arthur and his fellow prisoners were never able to get used to.

Most of the Jews gassed within an hour of arriving at the camp, their ashes dumped in the Vistula River, the largest of the three rivers near the camp.

Children Victims

The child Victime of Mengele

This book also contains graphic images of the child victims of Mengele. Children as young as four and five, who are skeletons, tortured, abused, and experimented upon in unspeakable manner. How would you feel if it were your children?

This book provides an accurate depiction of Hell made manifest on Earth by the devil and his minions, and many people will not even be able to look at them. The only thing lacking is the smell of burning bodies. This book is truly a shocking book, which has a good chance of converting any uneducated racist in UK into a normal civilised human being.

The British racist party is secretly proposing the recreation of just this. Green pastures of England with the smell of burning bodies of immigrants. Once you go down that route, this is where it all leads in the end.

If we do not learn from the past then we are doomed to repeat the mistakes. I as well as many others such as Elie Wiesel, President Barack Obama believe that the Holocaust must remain etched within the minds of all.

This book is ideal for schools and colleges because it has an educational value. It is also a good resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the Second World War and the evil atrocities that occurred at the German death camps.

Arthur Dodd

Arthur Dodd

Arthur Dodd was born on 7th December 1919 in Castle District, Northwich.

High Educational Value - Recommended

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TitleSpectator in Hell
AuthorColin Rushton
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