Dearmer, Percy. The Oxford Book of Carols

The Oxford Book of Carols

The Oxford Book of Carols is a book about carols printed by Oxford University Press in 1956.

The jacket describes the book as the most famous, the most complete, and the most widely used of all the carol books. However, I was not able to find my favourite carol Silent Night.

These books appeared in two other versions. There was also The Oxford Book of Carols for Schools, designed for unison singing, for children. There was a piano edition for the teacher and the melody edition for the children.

Musical Notes

Musical Notes

This is an impressive book as it also contains the musical score for each carol. It contains all the notes as well as some background information about the carol. The printing is very fine and manages to pack a lot of information onto one page.

Back Cover

Back Cover

I just love the fine detailing showing how to sing the carols. The book also lists which carols to sing during different times of the year, starting from Advent, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Innocents Day, New Year, January and February, Epiphany, Nativity, Lent, Refreshment Sunday, Passiontide, Palm Sunday, Ascension tide, Whitsuntide, Trinity Sunday, Spring, May, and Summer.

This book is hardback bound with a paper jacket that is still intact, which is unusual for a book this old.


TitleThe Oxford Book of Carols
AuthorPercy Dearmer
PublisherGeoffrey Cumberlege, Oxford University Press
ISBN Numbernone
Printed1956, Netherlands
Last Page491
Cover Price15 Shillings
AvailabilityAmazon and all good online bookstores