Bertschinger, Richard. The Secret Of Everlasting Life

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The Secret of Everlasting Life is a book, which translates The Ancient Chinese Text on Immortality.

The author of this book is Richard Bertschinger who studied for ten years with the Taoist sage and Master Gia-fu Feng. He is a practising acupuncturist, teacher of the Chinese healing arts, and translator of ancient Chinese texts. He lives with his family in the hills of South West England.

Bertschinger’s research appears to be thorough and he has mastered the complex mind and wisdom of the second-century Can Dong Qi. His most impressive work was on the meditation methods, which could bring a state similar to those who had an NDE.

According to the Can Tong Qi Shuliu, everlasting life is to do with the realisation that there is no death of your soul. There is an immortal energy, which is at the root of all life. There is no life or death because we have always existed, and this energy has always existed.

Some of the translated passages are almost poetical; hence, people who love to read poems will almost certainly like reading this book. Those who have read I Ching will be able to identify with the style of the writing.

Richard Bertschinger

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Richard Bertschinger's additional commentary explains the intricacies of Chinese allegory and symbolism for the Western reader. This book is core reading for anyone interested in Taoist thought, Chinese philosophy and culture, or Chinese medicine.


TitleThe Secret Of Everlasting Life
AuthorRichard Bertschinger
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First Published1994
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