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This is my French Riviera golf award (1st Prize) that CEOs usually get. It is a glass block with a laser etched 3D image of a player demonstrating the perfect swing. As you rotate the glass block, you can see the image producing the swing movement. As everything else in life, golf is about the beauty of the mathematics, the physics, the geometry, and the perfect swing.

I often see a bunch of people in suits giving each other awards for a mediocre work, and wonder in amazement how it works. Obviously, you have to be within the same “fraternity” or “brotherhood” to be even considered, and often the deliberation was in advance with secret handshakes, and nods.

Even worse is when you are sitting there waiting to receive your award and have to listen to boring speeches by people whose only job in life is to give speeches. A contrivance of this magnitude usually makes me want to vomit. I usually never accept any such awards, because they mean very little to me these days. Many people realise that corruption is so bad that people who would not even know what a browser was decide most of these things in advance.

I can save you time and money by showing you my golf award instead, which is based purely on my skill, because if the ball does not go in the hole, then you do not get the prize! It is that simple...

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