Nat King Cole Melody Mile

LP record - Front Cover

The Melody Mile is an LP record by Nat King Cole. It is record number T96 on the World Record Club label, and consists of 12 songs. It has some smooth melodies that would sound great at Christmas time. These records enjoyed a mass production due to their popularity, however there might be many on eBay and Amazon. Not all records are available in CD, and many records sound better with a better equalisation and separation.

Back Cover
Title  Melody Mile
Record number T96
Singer Nat King Cole
Label The World Record Club
Speed 33.5 rpm
Side 1
This can't be love
Summer is a coming
That's all
You can't lose a broken heart
Don't let your eyes go shopping
It happens to be me
Side 2
Tunnel of love
How (do I go about it)
My flaming heart
A handful of stars
Can't I