The Best Screen Resolution for Web Design

The Best Screen Resolution

A screen resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels and 32-bit colour capability is the best when viewing this site on a desktop. If you have a typical desktop computer with a wide screen monitor then this is the best resolution for surfing the Internet.

However, this website uses my copyright protected unique code, which was written by me to render the pages on any screen size with any resolution. Therefore, many pages should appear fine on a tablet and even on a Google Smartphone. The best browser to use with this site is Firefox or anything derived from the same engine.

In recent years, the trend has been to increase the resolution to cater for small screen net books, and laptops with 16:10 aspect ratios. Many manufacturers are creating their own display sizes for small portable computers, and these are often non-standard, hence they will require a non-standard screen resolution. These new resolutions are often not suitable for desktop monitors.

1366 × 768 Screen Resolution:

The most popular screen resolution for the Internet appears to be 1366 × 768. It provides slightly more horizontal resolution than 1024 × 768. On an old 4:3 aspect ratio display, it squashes the screen horizontally, and the images therefore appear vertically elongated.

If you are using a modern display with a 16:10 aspect ratio then 1366 × 768 is probably the correct resolution to use as those screens are horizontally larger and you need to provide that extra horizontal resolution.

There is also the new 16:9 aspect ratio that new laptops are using because this is the most favourable size for HD video. Then there are also some non-standard aspect ratios and resolutions... However, in the end business applications will look the best on 1024 × 768.

Small Fonts

Zoom Facility

If you keep increasing the screen resolution, you will not be able to see anything and your new PC will run even slower. If you bring it back down to a sensible level then you should be able to surf the Internet and see everything properly with a faster screen response. However, please check your computers manual before you make any changes.

If you are having difficulties reading the text, you can use the Zoom facility in Firefox. Just go into the “View” menu option, select “Zoom”, and then select “Zoom In”.