5.5 inch Black and White TV With AM/FM Radio

5.5 inch Black and White TV With AM/FM Radio

This is a 5.5-inch black and white television with built-in AM/FM radio tuner. A television (TV) is a device for receiving wireless broadcast transmissions carrying audio and video signals. Manufactured in 2000, it has an old-style tuner for receiving analogue transmissions, and a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) with all the associated television receiving electronics to display the picture. A black and white television produced a monochrome picture on the CRT.

Based around the CD5151CP single chip TV solution, most of the electronics is inside the IC, minimising the component count, and making this little TV very small and light. Interestingly, it measures only 190 mm × 180 mm × 205 mm.

Analogue Tuner Uses

5.5 inch TV - Side View

The reception is good due to the “Xinfa TDQ-4D” analogue tuner inside this TV.

An analogue tuner is still useful in many parts of the world where the transmission is not digital yet. Many people still have devices such as a video recorder, or camcorder, or security camera, where this type of receiver is useful.

If you use a surveillance camera that has an RF signal output, then this light and small TV is ideal to use as a monitor, and the great thing is that it can also operate from internal batteries.

If you are into retro computing, then majority of the computers in the 1980s provided a video signal through a UHF RF Modulator. The tuner within a standard domestic television set received the UHF signal through the aerial socket.

If you have a Sinclair ZX80 or ZX81, or perhaps an Atari video games console, or a Commodore computer, then this little TV is useful. I have a vintage games console for playing the pong game, and this little TV is useful for that.

Power Source

Ten C sized batteries, which fit within the battery compartment, located in the base section of the case powers this TV.

There is also a power socket providing a facility to power the unit through either a mains adapter, or a car cigarette lighter using a special cable.


Usually found on eBay, they cost as little as 99p, because many people have no use for them. It is of course a great bargain if you are into retro computing and need a simple monitor for testing your computers.

Models / Alternative Brand Names

5.5 inch TV - Front View

Mass-produced in China, and sold all over the world under different brand names, this little TV became very popular. Here is a list of just some of the names that I managed to find. Apart from minor cosmetic differences, they all have the same electronic circuitry, and they are all described as 5.5 inch Black and White TV with AM / FM Radio.

  • Bestwill Mini
  • MTV-506
  • CR503
  • Sonar
  • Cool
  • DSL
  • Go Tech
  • TGI
  • Spectra Portable TV
  • Vextra
  • Amtel Portable Model 502
  • GPX Model TVP4 Personal
  • Curtis RT062
  • Curtis RT068
  • Living Solutions
  • Centurion Model TV6
  • jWIN JV-TV1010
  • Cota Model CT-17680
  • Coby CX-TV1
  • Woolworths 5 inch
  • Norwood
  • Brand

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