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Game Console

The Bridge Challenger is an electronic game manufactured by Fidelity Electronics in the 80s. It was an extremely high quality game packaged in an attaché case for the executive type serious player.

The electronic circuit design of this game uses the Zilog Z80 CPU, which was also in some of the early home computers such as the ZX81. For today’s standards a Z80 is still a good processor and used on a wide range of embedded systems.

With this game, you can expect a high quality fluorescent display, which is very bright and clear. There is also an RFID scanner to scan the tags on the cards to read them so you will not have to enter the card values manually. This game also has a voice synthesizer and can speak the card names, Bridge terms.

The Bridge Challenger I usually on eBay and they tend to sell fast as there are still some Bridge players going strong. If you are really into this game, then this gadget might be a bargain for you.

This game usually comes with a transport briefcase, adapter, and cards; however, I did not get any of that. The first task was to figure out the power supply it required. This became apparent when I opened it up to have a look at its circuit board. This article might help anyone looking for an adapter for it.

Keyboard 1

This just shows the keypad.

Keyboard 2

This is the other keypad.

Fidelity Logo

This is a nice and clean 1980s design.

Wooden Case

At first, the case appears to be plastic; however, it is wood and sprayed black. You can also see the inside PCB, microprocessor, and build quality in the following sections of this article.

Challenger Logo

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Bridge Challenger - Fidelity Electronics Game
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