1969 Advert - RAF Recruitment

RAF Recruitment

Your parents will remember seeing this 1969 RAF recruitment advertisement and probably wishing they had filled in that coupon and sent it... The good news is that they are always recruiting, and are one of the largest employers in UK.

They always have new aircraft and new technologies, and they are always looking for bright people of any age, race, or gender, so the question is not whether you should join, it is why should you not join?

Let us see, you are sitting at home, on the dole. You have no job, no future, and no prospects. However, you could join the RAF and change that. You will get an education, training, you get to see places around the world, play with big toys… So where is the most fun? It is a no brainer!

The RAF has the best apprenticeships, and there is usually tough competition, however they can cater for a wide range of vocations. So why not have a go. Send in your name and see where it leads you? There is nothing to lose.