Hitachi Audio Systems and Tape Decks 1975

Front Cover
SDT 23703
SD 25104
SDT 24805
SDT 3430 E5
SDT 26606
MC 34027
ST 34128
SP 28128
SP 28108
ST 3401, SP 2900, ST 34109
D 350010
TRQ 2040, TPQ 124, TRQ 25211
TRQ 2020, D 2150, D 135D12
TRQ 2030, D 2360, Accessories13
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Hitachi used to make some of the best home audio products back in 1975, and their electronic engineering was in the same league as Sony and National Panasonic. These hi-fi products usually had a metal chassis and the electronics was robust as well as very high quality. Back then, the teak effect veneer was very fashionable and almost everything came in a wood cabinet. Back then, if you had flock wallpaper, shag pile carpet, and pine furniture, then people considered you successful!

Not very many of these units made it to present time, and if you have something like this in your attic, then eBay is usually the place to auction it, as vintage audio from the 70s is very popular with audio enthusiasts. I remember repairing a Hitachi amplifier, and being extremely impressed with the creamy sound and defined bass and treble. Many of the early units were low power at 20 watts and 10 watts per channel, but the sound quality was very high due to the pure analogue circuitry. In contrast, modern amplifiers today usually have some type of digital sound processor IC at the input end, which reproduces the sound and changes it.