Computer Engineering

Standards & Specifications

RJ45 Wiring
Computer Interface Speeds

PC Builds

MS-7053 Motherboard
Apple G3 to PC Modification
Apple G3 Mod - Revisited

Interesting Computers

HP Pro 3015 MT

USB Data Recovery

USB Memory Stick Error
Fake USB Memory Repair Tools

Hard Disk Drives

Perpendicular / Vertical Recording
GMR Head Design
Hard Disk Basics
Hard Drive Recovery
Recertified Hard Drives
Fast Hard Disk Drives


AMD Athlon XP
AMD Duron
AMD Sempron


NS-468 LAN Cable Tester
How to use RJ45 CAT 6 Crimp Tool

PC Diagnostics

BIOS Codes
PC Analyser POST Diagnostic Card L50C
Computer Locks Up

Laptop Guides

Memory Error BIOS Beeps 5-1-2
Hard Disk Replacement
How to Fix Vertical Lines on Laptop / Television / Computer Screen
Dell Inspiron Mini

System on Chip Motherboards

APC 8750

External Storage Solutions

Seagate Expansion 2TB
All in One HDD Docking


HP PSC 2510 Clicking Noise and Hourglass
Epson Expression Series

Component Level Repair

Dell Latitude BIOS Password Unlock
CPU Cooling Fan Replacement
Touchpad Replacement