WonderMedia PRIZM WM8750

WonderMedia PRIZM WM8750

The WonderMedia PRIZM WM8750 is a System on Chip (SoC) package with an ARM 1178JZF microprocessor core running at 800 MHz.

Some of the dedicated circuits inside this package include video encoder / decoder, video processor, 2d/3d graphics, audio interface, USB ports, and a whole host of functionality normally found at motherboard level. All the smart devices are DLNA-compliant and compatible with Windows 7.

The biggest advantage of a system on a chip is that it minimises the complexity of the motherboard, and therefore the motherboard is smaller.

It is a natural course of development for microprocessor manufacturers to follow the system on chip architecture and as a result one can expect PC motherboards to become even smaller and cheaper in the future.

This chip has a networking and peripheral interface, video output interface for HDMI, and TV-out. The GPU is a 1080p multi standard video decoding engine compliant with the Open GL standards.

It also has built-in Ethernet MAC connectivity, as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3+G.

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WonderMedia PRIZM WM8750
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