AMD Duron

AMD Duron Processor

If you have a slow model 3 Duron on your motherboard, then chances are high that you can upgrade to a faster model 8 processor. The model 3 has a maximum FSB frequency of 200 MHz, whilst the model 8 has a maximum FSB frequency of 266 MHz, which can provide a boost if your motherboard is capable of running at such speeds. With an 1800 MHz Duron, you could get a performance approximately to that of a 2 GHz Pentium depending upon the applications you are running.

Duron Model 3

The OPN part number on the chip starts with an ā€œDā€ to indicate AMD Duron.

600 MHz
650 MHz
700 MHz
750 MHz
800 MHz
850 MHz
900 MHz
950 MHz

Duron Model 7

900 MHz
950 MHz
1000 MHz
1100 MHz
1200 MHz
1300 MHz

Duron Model 8

1400 MHz
1600 MHz
1800 MHz

Cost / eBay

AMD Duron Processor

Usually eBay is the place where you can find used and new old stock of Duron processors. You can purchase some of the slower ones for less than five pounds as everyone moves over to faster processors. These processors have lower power consumption, and where power efficiency is more important than speed they usually perform very well.

Super Cooled Experiment

Processor Pins

Working in a laboratory, I decided to find the maximum speed at which an unlocked processor operates when super cooled in liquid nitrogen. I discovered that this processor is very fast when super cooled. I wonder if I can break the light barrier by causing quantum tunnelling. Perhaps, I could send a message to myself in the past! Stay tuned!