Final Results: G3 is now a PC!

G3 is now PC!

I finally managed to convert the G3 into a PC. It now has a Dell motherboard with a modest Intel processor. I installed it with a PCI TV Tuner card, two sticks of Nania memory, CDROM drive, and a small loudspeaker for the BIOS beeps.

I have had this for a year and it seems to be working fine. I am very pleased with this build considering I did not have any professional cutting tools.

Main constraints in this development were the lack of modern cutting tools for working with metal, and I had to use plastic instead, which in the end worked out greener. Using only recycled materials meant I had to improvise more.

Dell Motherboard inside G3.

It was a huge success as I was able to make something unique and different, be it just convergence of technologies. There were some engineering challenges, which made me scratch my head a little, but it was not impossible.

Inside look.

All the materials used in this project came from recycled computers. There was never any need to buy anything new, hence it was 100 % green.

Here is an inside view showing the SATA Hard Drive, Pentium Motherboard, and the rest of the components. As you can see, it all looks above board.

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Final Results: G3 is now a PC!