Live Hard Disk Swap

Live Hard Disk Swap

Live disk swapping is a data recovery technique where a faulty disk replaces a good working disk on a live system.

When a disk has a damaged System Area (SA), it will not initialise during start up and will make clicking noises.

A good disk with a new operating system typically starts the computer. Once the operating system is functioning with a good disk -- which has to be identical to the faulty one -- the power save is avtivated, which switches off the drive but retains the initialisation parameters in the computer’s memory. During this time the drive swap occurs. When the computer comes out of the power save mode, it is none the wiser and continues to access the drive. During this time, the data in the faulty drive is recoverable.

This method works for some drives that cache their initialisation parameters on the PC so when they restart they do not need to read the SA again.

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