How to use RJ45 CAT 6 Crimp Tool

RJ45 CAT 6 Crimp Tool

The RJ45 crimp tool also known as a crimper is a tool for making electrical connection between the copper pins of a modular jack connector and the wire termination.

RJ45 Connector Pins

Achieved through a process known as crimping, the pressure generated by the jaws of the tool causes the sharp edges of the copper pins to puncture through the plastic insulation of the wire and lodge into the copper thus making an electrical connection.

The crimper is a standard tool used by computer networking professionals for making cables by fitting modular connectors.

Die-set and wire cutter blades.

A typical crimp tool will consist of a die-set that will match the pins of a RJ45 modular jack. Many crimpers have a dual die-set so it can also crimp RJ11 connectors as well. Many will also have a wire cutter blade for cutting the network cable.

The jaws pressing down on the copper contacts.

The tooth on the die presses down on the copper contacts, which cut through the plastic insulation of the wires and make permanent electrical contact with the copper core of the wire.

A modular jack connector also has a retaining clamp, which is a plastic tab that pushes in to hold the wire firmly and stop it from pulling out. The outer tooth on the crimper pushes the retaining clamp in.

The sharp edge of the copper contacts.

As you can see in this connector, the copper contacts have a sharp edge on the other side. The sharp points puncture through the plastic insulation of the wire, thus making electrical connection.

How to use a crimper

This tool makes network wiring easier by allowing networking professionals to fit modular jack connectors to CAT5 and CAT6 cables.

Once you have inserted the wires into the modular jack according to the wiring scheme of your preference, you use this tool for the crimping process, which will make a permanent electrical connection between the wires and the connector pins.

For the preparation, you will need to remove the outermost insulation of your CAT6 network cable to reveal the twisted wire pairs. You will need to unravel the wire pairs and straighten them individually.

Once the wires are straight, you will need to cut them to the correct length, and order them according to the RJ45 Wiring colour scheme. Then insert the wires into the connector and place the connector into the jaws of the tool for crimping.