Repairing Fake USB Memory

Fake memory sticks are the most awful things because there is no way to recover data that was never stored in the first place. If you bought a fake one, that misreported its true capacity, then chances are that it was never storing anything, except giving the impression that it was.

The first step is to copy all the data you currently have on the memory stick to hard disk on your computer. Then it is a good idea to open the memory stick and copy the numbers written on the NAND flash memory chip and the microcontroller chip. This is vital information, so write it down somewhere.

The only sure and quick way of determining the true storage capacity of a memory stick is to look up the numbers from the list below.


  • K9F2G08U 256 MB
  • K9F4G08U 512 MB
  • K9K4G08U 512 MB
  • K9W4G08U 512 MB
  • K9K8G08U 1 GB
  • K9W8G08U 1 GB
  • K9WAG08U 2 GB
  • K9NBG08U 4 GB
  • K9G4G08U 512 MB
  • K9L8G08U 1 GB
  • K9HAG08U 2 GB
  • K9MBG08U 4 GB


  • TH58NVG0S3 128 MB
  • TH58NVG1S3 256 MB
  • TH58NVG2S3 512 MB
  • TH58NVG1D4 256 MB
  • TH58NVG2D4 512 MB
  • TH58NVG3D4 1 GB


  • NAND01GW3B 128 MB
  • NAND02GW3B 256 MB
  • NAND04GW3B 512 MB
  • NAND08GW3B 1 GB
  • NAND04GW3C 512 MB


  • HY27UF081G2M 128 MB
  • HY27UG082G2M 256 MB
  • HY27UG084G2M 512 MB
  • HY27UH084G5M 512 MB
  • HY27UH088G2M 1 GB
  • HY27UT084G2M 512 MB
  • HY27UU088G5M 1 GB


  • 29F2G08AA 256 MB
  • 29F4G08BA 512 MB
  • 29F8G08FA 1 GB

Memory and Microcontroller Combinations

With the huge availability of different memory chips and microcontroller chips, many brands of USB memory stick will have different combinations of these chips.

  • Generic 2 GB USB Stick
  • Create i5128-LG726
  • HY27UU08AG5M
  • Sony 4 GB USB Memory
  • SC708-3
  • MT29F32G08CBAAA
  • Kingston DT101 2GB
  • Unmarked
  • 29F32G08CBAAA

Repair Software

The repair software -- if you can find one for your model of memory stick -- alters the microcontroller’s ROM code.

Each family of microcontroller chip is unique requiring unique ROM code. Consequently, the repair software is also unique designed for a specific family of microcontroller chips. You cannot use any repair / flashing program for any brand of memory stick. In many cases, the repair program will not do anything if it cannot detect a specific microcontroller.

Since this repair program also changes the reported memory capacity of the device it may end up in the hands of the toe-rags to make fakes. Hence, manufacturers do not make such programs available to the public. However, there are many Chinese sites making such software available.

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