The Big Cheese Rat Trap


The Big Cheese Rat Trap is a multi-catch trap capable of catching, rats, mice, and squirrels. Founded in UK in 1993, the company has a range of products to catch furry little rodents.

Cage Trap Review

Multi Catch Rat Trap

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I live in this rat-infested place in Croydon. I have lived here for many years and seen many rats come and go. The two legged variety, and the four-legged variety. My extensive life experience has taught me that the four-legged ones are harmless; it is normally the two-legged ones that are the most dangerous. Therefore, I do not bother with them and they do not bother me!

One morning I woke up, and was surprised to find a huge rat nibbling at my toe. It had already eaten part of my toenail, and I was just starting to become more aware of the throbbing pain.

I opened my eyes and there it was staring right back at me in the face with my blood in its mouth. Like all rats, it was not afraid of me. It could sense that I was a humanitarian. Rats are very good at sensing things like that; they have a good survival instinct.

Of course, it is only acting according to its programming. A bio-chemical program in its central nervous system was telling it to eat my toe. It was nothing personal, and I was happy to forgive it. I always forgive all rats because that is what I am programmed to do. That is my karma.


My one came in this nice bright yellow and red coloured box. My postman threw this on the doorstep and ran...

Catch Alive

A rat is a living breathing animal. No matter how dangerous, I believe that all animals are put here on god's earth for a purpose, and therefore I will not be the one to end its life. That is my blanket rule for all animals including the two-legged variety.

Since I am a humanitarian, I decided to get this rat cage from eBay. So far, it has managed to catch three rats! Hence, this is definitely something worth writing about.


Here are the instructions. This is a very easy trap to use, and you need just a little bit of common sense.

Cage Trap

If you need to catch some huge rats -- the four-legged variety -- then this is the ideal trap for them. I used some smelly cat food from a tin and managed to catch four rodents in just one week!