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If you find an article of mine rising above yours, the clever thing to do is to advertise on it! All of my articles have three advertisement spots and a clever marketing expert would typically buy all three.

This site does not have an online checkout. Instead, visitors buy through the advertisements that the pages show. Hence, there is every chance that the advertised product will sell through my site.

I write only about the items I have bought, often through eBay, or Amazon. If I like it, and if I have spare time, I might write about it. Unfortunately, I can only write about items I have bought and liked. My interest is in publishing, and showing a product in an interesting and innovative way.

If I write about a product, and you happen to be a competitor of that product, it does not necessarily mean that I will not be interested in your product. The clever thing to do would be to advertise your product on that very same page, through the Google AdSense system. You can reach very high quality interested shoppers that way, and you can be sure that they will be interested in your product as well.

Advertising through the AdSense system is very simple and cheap. Many firms are keen to sell through my pages. They like the high quality content, and the better class of visitors that my site attracts. My visitors tend to be intelligent people who understand technology, and are looking to buy something.

Advertisers like my site because my site does not bore the visitor with a mile long scrolling page full of complex text. I believe that a photograph is equivalent to a thousand words, and sometimes much better. I keep the font small because, after all, if you have something good to say, why shout with large fonts?

Advertisers usually bid for a particular space on a page, and the winner gets to advertise on that page. You can get the rest of the details from Google. I have found that advertisers are willing to pay big bucks to have their products shown on all my good quality pages.

I welcome all advertisers and do not block anybody. All I ask is that you make your advertisements colourful and eye-catching. I like graphical advertisements, especially when they are colourful, and animated, and catch the eye. This is because my site has a lot of visual content.