Diogenes Cuenca Alca

Diogenes Cuenca Alca is the lead musician of this band. He was born in South America in a small place called Apongo situated within the Andean Mountains. His dream was to introduce the art, philosophy, and culture of his people to the world. He comes from a very proud and brave race of people.

His first music album in 1994 and was called Chipara. It is a wonderful piece of music that captures the indigenous Andean art in music. The music includes sounds from their traditional language called Quechua, which integrates very well into the music.

In 2001, he released his second major work called Indiogenes. This work was a fusion of instruments, languages and rhythms from all around the world. The band began a tour in UK, presenting shows to the public who had never heard this type of music before. Their music was a huge success to people of all races and cultures around the world. They also participated in the Edinburgh International Festival where again they were a huge success.

Their music is unique and they are able to fuse their ancestral percussion and wind instruments with the modern instruments. The music, together with the movement and dances, form a spectacular show worth experiencing.

I heard an amazing flute pipe in the distant background that had a strong resonating sound with a mathematical rhythm. The tune was from the film Last of the Mohicans. I managed to get front-side VIP tickets and spoke to Diogenes after the show, as I just had to shake his hand and tell him how much I enjoyed the music.

Certainly, the Andean people are the stuff of legends. I have read many history books and stories of their encounters with spirits of light, or people of light. The music is very certainly full of light and spirit worth listening.