George Clooney for UN President

The Elie Principle applies to the Sudanese people at this current time. I have given this name to a fragment of his Nobel Acceptance Speech. Follow the link to see what it is.

Save the Sudanese People

I was lucky enough to stand at the entrance of the UN Building, and it dawned on me that I was standing at exactly the same place, breathing the same air, as President Roosevelt all those years ago. I sensed the immense gravity and power of the institution, and my thoughts turned to what I would do if I had the same power as some of the heads of state.

It was at about this point that I remembered that I was just a lowly Brit from Croydon. There is no chance of that ever happening. :-)

I have a lot of respect for George Clooney and his work highlighting the plight of the Sudanese people in Darfur. I feel for his compassion, and frustration. We have the power, and yet have to watch helplessly at the events unfolding in Darfur. Highlighting the suffering of millions is the right step though.

To put a face on the plight and suffering of people thousands of miles away is a remarkable thing to do. Whilst most Hollywood stars are busy accumulating performance cars, divorce settlements, and material possessions, I am glad to see that one man -- Mr George Clooney -- is doing something more worthwhile.

Nothing is more important than helping another human being. There is very little that you do in life that actually counts upstairs. It is the kind selfless acts of compassion that really count, but what Mr Clooney is doing will put God to shame.

When I started my charity for the blind in developing countries, it began by helping just one person, but I quickly realised that I could do more. Just like George, I realised that my compassion was not limited to just one or two and I began helping thousands.

I like the current UN President. I think he is a great person and performing a fantastic job. I think that after his term is over George would be -- not necessarily better -- but would be able to work on a different dimension that this position has never before benefited from.

Mr Clooney has a high degree of appeal to the masses, perceived power and real power, flair, communication, voice. He has everything that a UN President should have and more. He could probably run a term of the UN Presidency, and then go for a term of the US Presidency without any problems.

If he runs for the US Presidency, every person in America will vote for him. He is the one honest person that everyone will listen to and follow and his recent work of increasing the worldwide awareness of the plight of the Sudanese people makes him an ideal candidate for the job.

I believe George has everything he needs to make a huge difference to the Sudanese people, by occupying the most powerful position in the world. Either a UN or US President should be good enough. This is not to suggest that the current administrations are not effective enough, but rather the public might be more receptive if it was George Clooney advocating. Besides, the current administrations have already pledged themselves on other issues.

If one of his pre-election pledges were to free the Sudanese people and install a good democratic government, then that will have to happen since the people will have voted for it when they voted for his administration.

It is tragic that any country in Africa that discovers any natural resources will see a war or a coup. Paradoxically the citizens suffer instead of prospering. When a developing country discovers oil, or precious material resources, that country is torn and the half that contains the resources installed with a puppet leader that turns out to be a dictator. He will then sell the resources to the West at a cheap rate. Angola, Liberia and Sierra Leone, Côte d’Ivoire, The Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, and Sudan are prime examples.

UN Must Take Action

President Franklin D. Roosevelt coined the phrase 'United Nations' on 1st January 1942. It represented 26 nations that pledged their support to fighting the fascists during the Second World War.

The problem with the UN is that it was born out of politics, but found itself becoming a maintainer of world peace. For many years, its members have entrenched themselves, in politics, focusing over trivial pursuits such as ethnicity, religion, and border disputes. Material greed results in Humanitarian aid overlooked. As a result, far too often, time wasted over material gain results in women and children dying in the field.

Nationality, ethnicity, and borders are the luxuries of the dictators. Those who have palaces, power, and money care about those things. However, the poorest majority, which live on the streets, have more immediate needs focusing on survival.

Mother Teresa once said that the poorest people of this world do not have any religion, nationality, ethnicity, or borders. The young do not understand these concepts, whilst the old have lived long enough to realise it is all an illusion. The only thing real is starvation, desperation, pain, and suffering.

I have never actually fully understood what the UN heads of state are actually supposed to serve. Are they serving their personal needs, their nation’s needs, or perhaps humankind’s needs? It is only when you start looking out for your neighbours needs as well as your own that real progress will be made.

I believe The Elie Principle should be the core mission statement of the UN.

Abraham Lincoln was the greatest American that ever lived because, above all other men who have served in public life, we recognize the spirit of his service. Gandhi did not collect performance cars, he did not live in a palace, and he did not have a Swiss bank account. However, he did have the ability to serve humanity and look after everybody's needs. There are many more, such as Mother Teresa and Dr Johannes Maas.

George Clooney also has the same spirit to serve, and to protect. It seems to come naturally to him. Those callings are always worth following because they are for higher ideals. I see Mr Clooney becoming a great person, not just a mere Hollywood star, but also something greater than that.