My Friend Father Clarke...

Father Clarke is a Reverend Minister and a good friend of mine. This is not his real name though. I would never use people's real names on the Internet.

Father Clarke reminds me very much of Brian Blessed because they both have the same sonorous voice that is deep and rich, and impressive. They are both excellent orators, which I suppose is required for professional speakers.

Brian blessed is one of those great iconic figures, an excellent actor, entertainer and speaker. I remember seeing him on an episode of Space 1999 back in 1980s. He made countless TV shows, as well as the excellent Hong Kong handover speech.

Over the years, Father Clarke has brought me many items to repair. From repairing The Church amplifier to fixing his USB Memory Stick Error, I have become his one-stop repair shop. However, I am always happy to help him as he is always bringing me something interesting to write about and has been a very good source of material.

Hence, this is the reference page for Father Clarke. If I get more time, I will add more information here.

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