Prince William has Indian Ancestry?

Are there no limits to his talents? He is a Pilot, a war hero, he has all the medals, and now he even has exotic Indian heritage! According to the latest scientific DNA findings, the Duke of Cambridge has scientifically proven Indian ancestry. BritainsDNA, a genetic testing company experienced in tracing ancestry, carried out the research.

The ancestry traces back to Eliza Kewark being his great, great, great, great, great, grandmother. She gave birth to Katharine Scott Forbes, Prince William's great (× 4) grandmother, from Lady Diana's side of the family.

Dr Jim Wilson, a geneticist at the University of Edinburgh and Chief Scientist at BritainsDNA, carried out the research. He revealed that Prince William carries Eliza's Mitochondrial DNA, which is a very important part of DNA inherited from the mother’s side.

The trail starts with Theodore Forbes, born in 1788, who was the third son of a very rich land owning family. When he realised that he was not going to inherit his family’s wealth he decided to enlist with the East India Company, and went to live in Surat in India.

Surat, previously called Suryapur, is a city in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is the biggest diamond valley, which cuts most of the world’s diamonds.

It was there that he met Eliza Kewark, a part Indian woman, of remarkable beauty. He instantly employed her as his housekeeper, and they fell deeply in love and had two children, Katherine and Alexander. Back then, old-fashioned attitudes disapproved mixed marriages, and this is probably why he introduced her to everyone as his housekeeper.

Eventually both children lived in England; however, Alexander returned to India and settled there. It is very likely that he started a family in Gujarat, and therefore this means that Prince William has Gujarati relatives living in India... :-)

We are not amused: Of course, it is mandatory in Indian traditions for extended family to come and live with you, so I suppose the Prince can expect some visiting him soon to live with him at Buckingham Palace... :-)

Good Health

What can the Royal Princes expect by having Indian DNA? They can expect quite a lot actually... People from Surat, and the Gujarat regions in general, are well known for their exceptional intelligence and health.

Many famous British people born in India have links going back to that region, and nearly all of these people have achieved a high level of recognition and respect from the public.

Well known for its gifted mathematicians, including some of the oldest ones that invented things like The Quadratic Equation, this place has always had intelligent people. Many brilliant mathematicians listed in the Royal Society Charter are from that region.

His mitochondrial DNA now links him to one of the oldest civilizations of the world, to ancient India, the birthplace of science, medicine, mathematics, and democracy.

As well as intelligence, the princes can expect exceptionally good health. Generations of people who grew up there did so under difficult conditions, and consequently the blood from that region has evolved to become very hardy. They live significantly longer on average and have far more healthier lives.

The people in that region are passive, god fearing, and humanitarians. They prefer a quiet peaceful village life.

The King and India

In 1971, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi put an end to Indian Royalty because there were too many maharajahs enjoying state benefits and giving very little back in return. India has always lacked a strong monarch to lead the country ever since.

Since Prince William has part Indian blood, and has Royal blood, there is the possibility that he is the rightful King of India... Many Indians would smile at the prospect.


Of course, having Indian blood means that he is automatically a Hindu. There is no requirement for any application or any ceremony.

Here is short list of five key beliefs that all Hindus observe, and now he must observe too.

The basic article of faith is that this is not all that we are. How you live your life today will determine the quality of your next life. He must therefore believe in Reincarnation.

What you do to others, will happen to you some day, either in this life or in the next. He must therefore believe in Karma.

Follow the principles and teaching of Mahatma Gandhi, non-violence and forgiveness.

No more eating meat especially beefs. Abstain from Royal hunting and shooting and respect all wildlife. He must respect all animals, including the dangerous ones.

Bollywood Film

These findings of course instantly qualify him to play a role in a Bollywood film. No applications are necessary for the Princes.

The Future

The old ship had just enough energy to see a few years into the future, but the future for the Princes looks very good, providing they stay on the side of light, and keep away from the dark forces.

King William is going to be one of the most loved Royals in history. Surprisingly, Harry also turns out to be a real hero always by his brother’s side, providing unflinching support in times of crisis.

The arc of their story follows the same line as theirs mothers. They are going to be the most loved and respected princes. Every Commonwealth nation will respect them.

In later life, King William will be keeping a white beard, and will have a similar presence to that of King Arthur.

Known for his wisdom, and level headedness, Prime Ministers will look up to him for advice. He is not going to be a follower as he has a very good brain of his own and will be able to cut through the deceptions.

Although only one can be a king, both brothers will serve and they will perform an excellent job of serving United Kingdom's interests and the Commonwealth's. Both brothers are going to be involved in humanitarian work, just as their mother was and they will be keeping strong links with India.

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