Richard Gere for the next US President

I have always thought that it should be people such as Mother Teresa and Dr Johannes Maas, who have worked in the Humanitarian field, who should lead a country. However, it is not too late to find people willing to fight for just causes. There are many celebrities such as Richard Gere with Tibet, or George Clooney with Darfur, who can make huge impact in politics.

I believe Richard Gere would make an excellent President of the United States. It is time that America had a President who not only had his own money, but also was above temptation and corruption.

Come clean Mr Harrison!

My favourite line from the film Chicago is, “Come clean Mr Harrison! Come clean! Even in Chicago this kind of corruption cannot stand, and will not stand!

Corruption is something I cannot stand because it goes against the very heart of democracy, and the damage can be irreparable for generations. Prejudice and corruption has been steadily destroying America from within for many years.

Wherever there is money, there is corruption, and you can be sure that the rotten will rise to power through their dirty tricks. Therefore, I always say that the power should be with those that least wants it.

Celebrities are in many ways inoculated to riches and wealth because they have already experienced it. A lowly farmer’s boy becomes a President on one side, on the other you bring the billionaire lobbyists, and it does not take a genius to figure out what will happen next.

Give 'em the Old Razzle Dazzle

It has always appeared to me, at least in the past, that the Presidents job description was in the song “Give 'em the Old Razzle Dazzle”. This is probably because most of the time it is about PR and less about Humanitarian Aid.

The fact is that politics bores most people, including most of those in it. It would be amazing to see Richard Gere meet the likes of some of the world leaders who grew up watching his films. The interest in this alone would cause a media meltdown.

Most of the heads of state would be inclined to agree with everything he wants. Tibet would become free. There would be peace in the Middle East. Sudan would become a democratic country.

In that regard, I believe celebrities such as Tom Cruise, and George Clooney could make a difference as well. Even old Arnie could make a difference. He could scare the hell out of Putin just by saying, “I'll be back... Sign ze agreement... and No Polonium zis time!

For once, America needs a Presidential candidate who will be willing to take action to save the lives of children anywhere in the world.