Symphony of Sorrowful Songs: Symphony no 3 Gorecki - Lyrics & Translation

An 18-year-old girl Helena Wanda Blazusiakówna spoke these words. Incarcerated in a Gestapo prison in Zakopane, Poland, on 25 September 1944, she wrote these words on the walls of the prison. She knew that she would die soon, so she left this message on the wall for her mother to read.

O Mamo nie placz nie

Oh, Mamma do not cry

Niebios Przeczysta Królowo

Immaculate Queen of Heaven

Ty zawsze wspieraj mnie

support me always

I always listen to the third symphony on Classic FM with deep emotions and it has always had the same effect on me all these years... It reminds me that we all need to be like her, and possess the same selfless qualities that she had.

It is also a reminder to me to do whatever I can to reduce the pain and suffering that exists on this planet. I cannot change the planet or all the people but I would do whatever I could to help another human being or any living thing that is suffering.

I am not materially wealthy, I do not hold any positions of great power nor authority, but what I have is far more humanity - and it is far more than the majority of the people that I have come across. This song is a reminder that we all feel pain in the same way, and we must all have respect for each other and recognise this fact.

The amazing thing about these words is that they do not convey any hate nor anger, but instead conveys deep concern for her mother who will be sad when she is gone. She is not afraid for her own life; she does not despair for her life, or cry, but only has concerns that her mother will be sad.

By sheer coincidence, I happened to have read some books on the subject of NDE, and many people who have had a near death experience have reported the presence of a being of light when the time of death was near. It is difficult to describe this being of light - whether you want to call it god or the Queen of Heaven; it is difficult to describe god even in the best of circumstances, however 'immaculate' is one word to use. I am very good with translations and I recognise this straight away.

I believe that this girl did see god and she wanted to let her mother know not to worry and that god was supporting her. God the immaculate Queen of Heaven was literally holding her in her hands... The words used are extraordinary in many ways.

This is a beautifully sung video, which conveys the emotions very well. Sometimes I come across prejudiced people in UK who are full of hate, and it makes me sad to think that there are human beings out there who are still not educated nor have learnt anything, even with all the answers written in blood.

I have always believed that there was something lacking in this world perhaps people of light, or guardians who would make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.

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