A Letter of Protest

"Remind me to launch a letter of protest."

I started saying this phrase after watching Star Trek Insurrection. This is the one where the crew of the Enterprise fight the Ba'ku.

Picard sends Geordi and Riker back to Earth to bring back reinforcements, whilst the rest of the crew remain to fight.

Pursued and attacked by the alien warship, the Enterprise is nearly crippled; they play dirty, and use sub-space weapons, which were banned by the Federation.

Geordi says, "How can they use them? Sub space weapons were banned by the Khitomer accord..."

On the Bridge, there were pipes crashing down, smoke everywhere, wires hanging from the ceiling, and Riker gives a sassy reply, "Yeah, remind me to launch a letter of protest..."

I find myself using the same phrase when I am in a similar situation.


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