The Bourne Films

If I had two wishes, I would ask, that I had the job of Noah Vosen or Pamela Landy as Director of Operations, CIA, Langley. My second wish would be to win the NS & I Premium Bonds so that I would not have to work!

I wonder if any of the technology shown in these films is real. There is a lot in these films that appears plausible.

In episode two Bourne removes a SIM card from one of the agent’s phones and copies it so that he could listen to all the incoming calls. It is certainly possible to have two phones with identical SIM cards. You can buy gadgets on eBay that will allow one to copy a SIM card. Actually, it is possible to copy up to 16 SIMs in one card. However, only one phone can connect to the network at any one time. In some countries this limitation does not exist, which is interesting.

This film shows that it is possible for American agents based in US to patch into live CCTV feeds in UK. Satellite transmission has been around for many years so this should be possible today.

It is also possible to eavesdrop on someone remotely by dropping a mobile phone in his or her pocket. The Nokia 3310 SpyPhone Mod with the spy phone conversion does exactly that.

I just love all the technology and spy gadgets this film shows. They made it very realistic.

The character Noah Vosen, was the most interesting character in the film. It was obvious that Bourn was trying to communicate, and yet he chose not to see that. It was almost an institutional failure to communicate.

Sometimes people in a position of power and authority forget the importance of communication. If you give people a choice between communication, and pressing buttons, then chances are they will readily press buttons. It would be difficult for such a person to say they were sorry. It is far easier to make a call to the ‘asset’ and instruct them to ‘take him out’. :-)

These films are a real classic because it shows not just the technology, but human attitudes in a realistic way. It made me smile because I came across an arrogant person like that back in 1992.