Bulletproof Monk Indian Song

If you recognised the Sanskrit song in the film Bulletproof Monk, then I award full marks to you. I would expect a very small percentage of people in UK to understand the lyrics. The performer of this song is the famous Indian singer Asha Bhosle, and it comes from the album Giant Leap. The title of this song is The Way You Dream. The lyrics come from the Bhagavad Gita. The first part appears to be from chapter 2 text 47, and the second part from chapter 4 texts 8.

karmany evadhikaras te

ma phalesu kadacana

ma karma-phala-hetur bhur

ma te sango 'stv akarmani

paritranaya sadhunam

vinasaya ca duskrtam


sambhavami yuge yuge

Translation / Explanation

These are extremely powerful words, which will not make you bulletproof :-) but it will serve as a guide.

Although these texts are from different chapters, many people join them because the first part is about being a better human being and the second part is about what happens to those who do not work towards being better human beings.

You must faithfully follow your duties and obligations as set by your karma. Every action results in a reaction bearing fruit of that action (karma-phala) and over time people learn to act only for the fruit. Act because it is your duty, responsibility, and obligation, and not because it may lead to the possibility of material pleasures. The bulletproof monk was looking after the scrolls, because it was his duty, responsibility, and karma.

The second part describes how god promises to return periodically every millennium to remove the evil and restore the good.

Any rich society, or organisation with money, will eventually have corruption and greed flourishing within it. They will have debased people addicted to drugs and alcohol, and involved in all sorts of sordid activities. They will be hateful prejudiced people lacking in humanities with no regard for humankind. Due to their excessive money, they may fool others into thinking they are decent. The word “duskrtam” describes these types of people, which god promises to annihilate so that the good can continue living peacefully.

Does god want you to fight wars for him?

Consider that god is all-powerful, and all knowing, and everywhere in time and space, why would god expect you to fight wars?

The second part suggests that god does not want you to fight any kind of war on his behalf, because he is fully capable of coming down and cleaning up himself.