Daddy Warbucks Required

I just know that the sun will come out tomorrow. I have been in this business long enough, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be tomorrow...

When I am stuck with a Google PageRank that is gray and lonely, I just stick out my chin and grin and say...

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya Tomorrow, Daddy Warbucks is only a day away.

If you are Daddy Warbucks, or even Mummy Warbucks, who could help me buy more toys for review, then I will be happy for any suggestions.

Retired School Teachers / Lecturers / Professors Required

If you are a retired professional who is bored of not working and correcting other people's mistakes, then here is your opportunity to correct my mistakes.

I am often working very late into the hours, and there are bound to be some silly mistakes. So if you find any, please feel free to send me an email of the page, and I will correct it immediately.

Adsense 10 for 10 Required

Of course, when I become an Adsense 10 for 10 partner, I will be making the big bucks... I hope... and I will be able to afford my own programmer, graphic designer, photographer, editor, writer... However, until that day comes, I will have to do everything myself.