I Hate Corruption and Prejudice

I was just recently reading the Nash Equilibrium solution. This was proposed by the legendary mathematician John Forbes Nash, who I have a lot of respect and admiration for.

I was trying to figure out if there was a mathematical equation to prove why the first-class carriages of life always get full up first with the corrupted...

It was at precisely this time that the news on the radio came up, and the headline news was that the Chief of Police stated that the organisation had failed to recruit a proportional number of ethnic minorities into the force. :-) That is a wonderful co-incidence I thought. There must be an equation for that as well.

I was too young when I first read about the Nash Equilibrium, and I did not totally understand the concept of a zero-determinant strategy. I was working in the building trade kicking down walls, but I gave it a five second glance. However, since then, I have read a few papers concerning the evolutionary instability in zero determinant strategies, and it was at about that time that it clicked. There have also been some very interesting biological studies to show that selfish traits are not favoured by nature.

I am a loyal and devout subject of Her Majesty the Queen. Hey, she loves me and I love her. I want my country to be great and strong, and therefore it led me to wonder what makes a country weak, hence the title.

Corruption and prejudice are very strong selfish traits, which we know from experience, rots society. It curtails the potential of the cleverest, whilst the dumbest and the most rotten rise to the top. It destroys the development of a nation. It weakens democracy, and it weakens a society and a country as a whole. It can rot a country at its very core and it can be very expensive and take generations to put right again.

After writing the article on Tupper's Self Referential Formula, I have learnt that there is not a single person in UK interested in mathematics and formulas! They all want to become rich and famous just like Justin Bieber :-) I suppose the Communist Chinese will just have to walk in and build all the nuclear power stations and ships for us, as the current government (2013) is proposing.

The problem with zero determinant strategy is that if the game starts with the dumb at the top, then it is very difficult to make them understand. Therefore I have decided to break the equation down into simple paragraphs that everyone can understand. It is based on my experience, echoing the current events, but I think it is fairly accurate.

What makes a country weak...

It becomes weak when drug addicts get the job of being television presenters. Whether it is a childrens presenter, or hosting a cookery show, or writing magazine columns to influence the masses, and yet simultaneously, very talented and gifted people who do not have the right colour remain on the sidelines.

We become weaker when the children of rich parents die from drug and alcohol addiction, literally dying from excess, whilst the rest of the world is dying from hunger, starvation, and over-work.

We become weaker when talent less people are hoisted up to become idols, where life is a continuous party void of any responsibility or hard work. This in turn provides a bad role model to the younger generation.

We become weak when slimy corrupt people get a knighthood for making a loss and stealing the public funds.

We become weaker when gifted people and their skills are wasted because they happen to have the wrong colour, and this waste is considered acceptable.

We become weaker when people who have worked their whole lives and earned the right to a promotion are denied it because they have the wrong colour.

We become weaker when people in positions of power and authority misuse public resources to better their own ends.

It seems to me that in a rotten society, if you have the right colour, you can live a life of excess. Life is one big party. However, like all parties, they are temporary and short lived because scientific mathematical evidence proves that nature does not favour the selfish.

We can all get ahead if we co-operate and work together.

The Paradox of Nationalism and Prejudice

People who are overly nationalistic and prejudiced tend to think -- due to misguided beliefs and fear -- that they are acting for the good of their country; however, the paradox is that they are actually weakening their country.

A country consists of a civilization, which consists of people, which consists of DNA and nature, and nature likes diversity, it wants everyone to work together, because together we are stronger, and especially so when we are working in cooperation.

A Skills Crisis Scenario...

What would happen in a country which practised covert prejudice for 50 years? There would certainly be a skills shortage... This is because the intelligent and the skilled will have moved on to work in other countries that recognised their abilities.

I have many Asian friends who moved to US and China and are doing very well. I trained many of them, and today they are in competition with me!

Diminishing Intelligence Levels

Ask any educator and they will tell you that the people that are coming out of college today are not as bright as those of 40 or 50 years ago.

The Victorians were the brightest, this was an era of countless innovation, but the Victorian blood was a strong mix of Roman blood, and the Romans had the richest mix of bloods because they invaded almost all of Asia.

However, since then, lifestyles have changed as we no longer invade countries or mix, so the blood remains stagnant and grows weaker year by year.

Purity is the same as being stagnant...

Purity means remaining as you were 100 year ago. So the question is what were we 100 years ago? Majority of the people have Roman blood, mixed with Asiatic blood, there will be some Arabic, Turkish, and even Mongolian genes! But hey, that's a family secret; keep it under your hat. :-)

Of course, everyone wants their blood to be pure and special. My blood is so pure that I am not even from this planet! :-)

One Right Step

We call Britain Great because it has the support of all the commonwealth countries. No other country in the world today has this kind of support or respect...

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