Saddest Music Song of All Time - Love Story

Love Story was a film made in 1970 starring some of the finest Hollywood actors Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal. Erich Segal wrote the story, and Francis Lai wrote the music. Nominated for seven academy awards, most people remember it for having one of the saddest backing music of all time.

It is a romantic tragedy involving class barriers, cancer, and death. There are many layers to this film worthy of a PhD thesis but the best thing is to see it.

The wonderful thing about this music is that it crosses all cultural barriers and it is universal. It does not matter who you are because you will respect and identify the pain and sorrow that is universal.

My sister died from cancer and many scenes in the film struck a chord. Simple things such as waiting to see the doctor, the repeated tests, trying to make the best of what little time that was left, the cancer therapy, hospital expenses, and making arrangements for the funeral. These are all the things that people relate with when facing cancer.

If the story does not make you cry then the music surely will. This music sometimes plays on the radio, and I tend to drop what I am doing for a while and think back. This music always takes me back to that same moment in time.

If you are going through this issue then the good news is that there is life after death for everyone concerned. It is not the same kind of life, but it is life.