The China syndrome

This is when the nuclear core burns out of control, and through the floor casing. Theoretically, if there were to be enough nuclear material present, it could burn a tunnel all the way to China, and who better to build the nuclear power stations in UK than the Chinese! I thought we had the best education system in the world. Should we not be building nuclear power stations for the Chinese and the rest of the world? That would bring more money to UK and make us richer.

Why does Britain have a diminished workforce, and how could this happen you might be wondering. In the 80s and 90s, we trained many people from all over the world. We have equal opportunities to retain some of the best minds in the world, and we are a tolerant society, so what happened?

Theoretically, if a culture was prejudiced, where all the top jobs requiring intelligence could only be filled with white people no matter what their intelligence was, then it is conceivable that after 50 years the intelligence pool would have diminished, leaving only the dumbest at the top levels. Then of course, the Chinese would be necessary to do something that requires real intelligence and skill.

After the Second World War, life was one big party where Germany provided the beers. The little boys in the big boys club rewrote history erasing the contribution of the allies that was crucial to their success. Then of course delusions of grandeur came, they declared themselves as arbiters of equality and upholders of tolerance. They created the equal opportunities commission, but nothing to enforce it thus allowing them to circumvent it quietly by their prejudice and bigotry.

I love magic shows, which always give the impression of transparency. Of course, when you are young you buy into it, however, as you get older you realise there is a hidden part that you usually cannot see where the deception occurs, and this is where you should be concentrating, but the performers have cleverly devised a misdirection to keep your eyes away from it. The same thing applies in real life, and you should keep your focus on the hidden part if you wish to save your time and money.

The Hidden Part in Education -- Meltdown Stage 1

In education, there is equal opportunities and transparency almost everywhere. You sit in the class together, have lunch together, and take classroom tests together. You will even get high marks in the classroom in all of your subjects, and the teacher will praise how well you did and should do. All of this is transparent; however, the hidden part is the final exam and your final grade, which is all in the stars. This is because you have no idea who marks your paper. If a racist receives your paper for marking and sees your long foreign name, you can forget your academic future. For example, Gupta usually has to get 95% or more just to get a grade C because we have a higher requirement from him. However, little Timmy travelled a long distance, he is one of us, and his pet goldfish died, therefore 40% is a valiant attempt worthy of a grade A.

Of course, you can never see the marked paper, or question the marking, and all grades are final in the same manner the conmen say that all sales are final. Tragic as it is for little Timmy, whose goldfish died, it is even more tragic when he graduates and becomes a blithering idiot in charge of a nuclear power station. Consequently, we have to invite the Chinese or someone who knows what they are doing.

The Hidden Part in Employment -- Meltdown Stage 2

There is a hidden part in employment as well, which is at the filtering stage. Very often, the secretary who sorts the mail ends up sorting the CVs. I used to work for an English firm where the department secretary Patricia had this task. A completely uneducated and unqualified person had the task of making two piles of applications; one with foreign names and others with Christian names. The pile with the foreign names was summarily shredded and the official line if anyone inquired was that the CV was never received and to send it again.

Her main problem was with black candidates with Christian names. She hated those the most because her daughter married a black man, and she was unhappy about it. When the candidate for the interview turned out to be black, she would make them wait half an hour or even an hour, and often the candidate would get tired of waiting and leave. Pat was a racist but she knew how to manipulate the system and fool the equal opportunities commission. Later they even included ethnic monitoring forms to identify the black candidates more effectively.

As you can see, you could have all the qualifications, you could be highly decorated with all the experience, applying for a job that you earned, but in the end, your career could depend upon a racist uneducated person. In my experience, I have found this to be common almost everywhere in UK.

Even if you get the job because of that one rare intelligent person at the top, do not expect to keep it, because nearly all firms have at least one racist who can make life difficult. There is usually one overt racist, a couple of covert racists, and the rest sit on sidelines looking away. These group proportions are always present in all firms and there are no exceptions to this rule.

Even worse, all of these little disadvantages in education and employment have a cumulative effect for an intelligent person of colour trying to make a career in a white prejudiced society. It all adds up to the dumbest at the top echelons of industry and the cleverest moving away, giving up, or doing something else.

Therefore, Gupta, a nuclear physicist, with doctorate degrees, and experience, could not get the job so he moved to Asia where he is designing the new generation of nuclear power stations. Whilst Timmy, a blithering idiot, received a management position where he gets to have long lunch breaks with his secretary, give long boring speeches, and talk about the great days of the Empire when looting and pillaging was legal.

The Solution -- Meltdown Stage 3

The only thing left is to save face and to play another magic trick, which I am sure those old bigoted fogies in the House of Lords will have thought about. Since another of Timmys goldfish has died, he will soon receive a knighthood and become Sir Timmy. After the Chinese build the nuclear power station, we can name it after Sir Timmy and declare that he designed it. Even though his only design input was the colour of the cubicles in the toilets, most people will believe it after the media frenzy.

It is all in the spin, and we can have textbooks teaching generations of future students about how Sir Timmy singlehandedly designed it all. Of course, this is only if the power station works. If it fails and there is a disaster, then we can always blame it on the Chinese and say how useless and incompetent these Asians are! Its a no brainer win-win, as they say.

Easy Come Easy Go -- The Final Meltdown

Back in 1970, a film called The Towering Inferno with my favourite actors Steve McQueen and Paul Newman comes to mind. They were the heroes that saved the day and I identified myself with them. The story shows how greedy fat cats utilised cheap electrical wire to increase their profit margins. On the opening night, they switched ON all the lights and the wires melted causing a fire.

Of course, if a meltdown occurs, because the Chinese used 5 inches of lead when it should have been 25 inches, or perhaps those fake coolant servo-control transistors did not work at a critical moment, Sir Timmy will be in his yacht with a nose full of white powder with his secretary, conveniently unavailable. This is when an underpaid engineer such as me will be called to clear the mess. Therefore, if you are in the High Society rubbing shoulders with Sir Timmy or his counterpart, then here are some free basic tips that you could bring to his attention.

  1. Prejudice and discrimination destroys the fabric of society making it weak.
  2. In life, you get what you pay for.
  3. What goes around comes around...
  4. Make sure those shiny new gauges are real and not fake! Sometimes the Chinese use fake ones with painted needles!
  5. Much of the fake electronics comes from Shenzhen, so make sure the coolant servo control transistors are not BC108 internally.
  6. Make sure they use the correct thickness of lead.
  7. Have an effective strategy for nuclear waste management before building the power plant.

Most important of all, if the China syndrome occurs, and things start getting hot under the collar, remember that it was prejudice that weakened our country.

Dodo Planning

If you do not know how to build it, then how will you know what they put inside it? Almost every piece of electronic equipment has a firmware program locked and encrypted into a silicon chip. Imagine a scenario where one day another prime minister like Tony Blair decides to go to war or perhaps threaten China with war. The Chinese will be laughing, because all they have to do is send a code to the nuclear power stations computer and all the firmware will shut down resulting in an uncontrolled meltdown!

The dodo was a very trusting animal; it trusted humans who loved to eat it. This is why it no longer exists today.

Nuclear Waste – Another Fine Mess...

Nuclear waste, and in particular, how it could be stored and managed is something that is never planned well until it is too late. Usually in UK, you find blithering idiots busy patting themselves on their backs smoking cigars and drinking Champagne on the opening day instead of worrying about the nuclear waste. Usually MPs do not care because they only think as far their terms in office, and then it becomes someone else’s problem.

If we look at Sellafield, currently it is a disaster waiting to happen, because the waste is stored in water ponds and their containers are cracking! A large crack will eventually happen one day resulting in a volcano like plume of radioactive fire in the atmosphere. A disaster of biblical proportions resulting in a pillar of acrid radioactive smoke by day and a pillar of fire by night, and I do not think even Moses will be able to help then!

The cost of clearing this current mess is approximately £200 billion, and the project will take a hundred years to complete. However, who has the money for this today? Each government passes on this problem -- like pass the parcel game -- to the next, hoping that a disaster does not happen during their term in office.

The British Institute of Corruption

Any project that has access to taxpayer’s money usually runs into the Billions, and the results are always mediocre to below par. This is because there are too many lords and knights as intermediaries who require millions just for their signatures. It is free money if you can do the secret handshake...

British corruption is almost an institution and you will find it everywhere these days. If you want to install a new boiler, you usually get a slick salesperson who will take a cheque for £1200 pounds from you in return for some smooth talk, promises, and glossy brochures. He does not do any work though, but keeps half of the money, and passes the work on to a subcontractor for £600. The subcontractor does not do any work either but keeps half of the money and passes the work on to an independent for £300.00. The independent then has to buy the cheapest parts, install the boiler shoddily within a day, and make a profit all out of £300! The same thing happens with big government projects!

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