Hopes, Dreams, Ambition...

When I was young, it was one of my biggest dreams to study for an engineering degree and become an electronic engineer. In 1992, this dream ended at Croydon College whilst studying for a Electronic Engineering course. It was my first experience of coming across prejudice in education.

Studying at Croydon College was a deeply disappointing and profoundly unhappy experience that ended all educational goals. After experiencing the appalling prejudiced hatred shown towards me, I let go of my goal of studying further and pursuing a career in Engineering.

There were two tragedies in my life; the loss of my engineering degree, and the tragic death of my dear sister who died from cancer. They both felt like what I can only describe as a death. Since then, I.T. has been the only career I have had, and I auctioned the engineering certificate on the Attic Clear Out page, with the proceeds going to my charity to help others.

My greatest gift to these prejudiced people is my forgiveness. My Faith has always been to forgive and keep moving, hoping for the best for everyone. This is now in the distant past, over 20 years ago. Since that time, I have met many educated and powerful people around the world, and I am glad to have them as my friends.

The Angels

The greatest people in my life were ordinary people who helped me. They gave me hope and encouragement, and saw potential in me. It really is true that one never forgets a good teacher, because as I look back, I met good people as well.

Laura, my music teacher, who taught me to play the guitar, and a great friend. Mr Smith, and Mr Parsons, at Carshalton College, who gave me encouragement and kept saying I had potential, and that I should do well in the future.

Dr Sheppard, and Professor Holwill, Kings College London, who encouraged me to study Electronics and pursue a vocation in that field. They always said I was naturally gifted in electronics and computers.

There were friends such as Dr Lena Shah, a good friend and advisor of 20 years standing. Moreover, there was Dr Williams, Dr Henry, Dr Sarah King, and many more...

Tony Hart was another great and amazing person, who inspired generations of people with his art. I met him by accident, and consider myself highly privileged to have been invited to his home as seen in this article: Tony Hart: Posthumous OBE from the Queen

I met J. Krishnamurti in 1986 and am an admirer of his work on promoting peace. I have studied his theosophical work on peace and have listened to almost every lecture he has given.


In my spare time, I am working for my charity to help cataract sufferers and the blind in the poorest regions of the world. My MOS is to find the IOL resources and equipment, as well as the funding. I am currently able to help around 500 people with cataracts in India every year.

My PPL training and progression was a little slow due to financial and time restrictions, however I am very close to becoming a fully qualified pilot. I am very interested in starting a cataract charity in Africa, and a PPL will be very handy because the roads are often not so good there.

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