Julio Iglesias: El Amore Translation

El amore is a Spanish song sung by Julio Iglesias. It was an extremely popular song and his 1975 album had the same name. This is my Spanish to English translation of the lyrics. It is not perfect but an approximation based on my GCSE level Spanish. My sister Myla Nicole loves this song. If you can find a YouTube video, then keep this page open so you can follow the words.

El amor

no solo son palabras que se dicen al azar,
s not words spoken accidentally,

por un momento y sin pensar.
for the moment without thinking.

Son esas otras cosas que se sienten sin hablar,
It is one of those things that we feel without saying,

al sonreír, al abrazar.
smiling, hugging.

El amor

a veces nunca llega porque pasa sin llamar,
sometimes never comes because it passes by without calling,

se va buscando a quién amar.
looking for someone else to love.

A veces, cuando llega llega tarde, porque ya
Sometimes it arrives late, because

hay alguien más en su lugar.
there is someone else in its place.

El amor

no sabe de fronteras, de distancias ni lugar.
knows no frontiers, distances, and places.

no tiene edad, puede llegar
no age can reach

perdido entre la gente o arrullado en un cantar,
lost in the crowd or lulled into a singing,

por un reír, por un llorar.
for a laugh, for a mourn.

El amor

es perdonarse todo sin reproches y olvidar
is without reproach, to forgive and forget

para volver a comenzar,
and start again,

es no decirse nada y en silencio caminar,
is not to say anything, but quietly walk,

es ofrecer sin esperar.
is to give without expecting.

El amor