My Guitar and Music

The Model MC-05 is a superior handcrafted classical acoustic guitar manufactured by the HOHNER Corporation. This particular one is “foreign made” and consequently manufactured to extremely high standards. All Hohner guitars are hand constructed and personally tested by their expert technicians, carrying a full guarantee against faulty workmanship.


Guitar Part Names
Guitar PartMeasurementUnits (cm)
Rosette Aperturediameter8.5
Upper Boutmax width28
Lower Boutmax width37.5
Saddle length18
Fret board length45
Body length48.5
Head length19.5
Strings Six

As you can see, this particular guitar does not have a pick guard, or an endpin for connecting a strap, however, if you treat it gently with respect, you can maintain it in its original pristine condition.

Hohner guitars are a de-facto standard to learn with, and millions of students use their classical series for learning purposes.

I started playing the guitar when I was in School. The music teacher told everyone to select a musical instrument. All the boys ran for the drums, but I thought the guitar was the most interesting because you could make some nice subtle sounds with it. It was a good choice, as I never liked the idea of hitting something with a stick, it is quite primal...

I had a great music teacher, who encouraged me to play the guitar. She always told me to practice and that I had talent, and because my family could not afford one, she was willing to let me stay behind after school to practice on theirs.

Being a guitar player herself, I had the best free tuition anyone could have had, and I really appreciated the lessons knowing well that my family would not have otherwise been able to afford them.

When I was young, my parents had always made a point that academia is a privilege for the luckiest few, and if you want to succeed in life you must study, as a result I grew up with great respect for teachers and loved reading books and learning new subjects.


I love the deep rich colours of the Hohner Guitars. They usually have a spruce top and basswood back and sides, all covered in glossy varnish. I can appreciate the amazing skill that must have gone into building this guitar.

The acoustic properties of this guitar are also just as amazing. It currently has three steel strings for the higher notes and three nylon strings. It is the only one I have ever had, and I have taken great care of it over the years. My music teacher was kind enough to accompany me to the shop when I bought it so it means a lot to me.

Broken Dreams

I did not become a musician, because there was something else I loved even more than playing the guitar and that was electronics, computers, and mathematics. When the doors to electronic engineering were closed off to me in hopes, dreams, ambition... I still had my guitar, and I still have my music.

Guitar Bracket

Guitar Bracket

I made this guitar bracket in school. I did not have a guitar then, but told the woodwork teacher that I was saving up to get one and I will need a bracket for it when I have bought one.

The teacher was a very kind old man, and he must have thought I was nuts to want a guitar bracket when I didn't even have a guitar, but it was the kindest thing he did for me; He treated me like a human being.

Back then in Britain, kindness was a commodity not afforded to people of colour, and many people were overtly mean spirited. Therefore, somebody being nice just a little went a long way, and I really appreciated it.

I kept the bracket safely under my bed for many years and when I finally bought this guitar, I was glad I had kept it. This bracket became a reminder and a symbol that a random act of kindness can go a long way, and I always remember the kind people.

Sir John Gielgud once said that you do not choose the things you want, they choose you, and it occurred to me how right he was. What is yours will always be yours; no one can take that away from you.

Woodwork School Report

Favourite Music

I love all classical music, but my all time favourite would have to be Adagio II, and Faure Pavane with an acoustic guitar accompaniment. I do not know why but the acoustic guitar feels right with these two pieces of music.

Cavatina written by Stanley Myers, and John Williams always reminds me of Tony Hart, and it is one of the first pieces I started playing in entirety, mainly because I used to listen to it in the “Gallery” part of the television show. I met Tony almost by accident, and when he kindly invited me to his home, I brought my guitar and played Cavatina.