Area of a Triangle

Area of a Triangle Diagram

The area of a triangle is ½ × base × height, and the formula works for any non right-angled triangle given base and height. The height must be the perpendicular height from a top vertex.



Given base and perpendicular height of the triangle, this formula is the most appropriate to use.

To calculate the area you must have the base and the height. Providing you have two of the parameters in this equation, you can find the third unknown parameter.


Area A

Base b

Height h

Solve for A

Solve for b

Solve for h

This calculator will find out the area providing you have the base and height parameters.

Rearranged for Height h, and Base b

Formula Rearranged

With a little bit of transposition I have arranged the formula to calculate either the height or the base parameters as well.

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