Cheap Digital Meter Review

I always give these cheap meters a fair review, because at the end of the day, the old saying goes that you get what you pay for. Most people with an average intelligence would know that if you paid £3.40, including postage, for a meter, then there is no point expecting the performance of a high-end Fluke meter. It is common sense.

Conversely, if you got the performance and accuracy that was even remotely close to a high-end meter, then that is not bad going for a £3.40 meter!

If you buy an economy ticket on easyJet, would you then stand in the plane and demand a first class seat? Of course you would not, the flight attendant would usher you to the back of the plane -- to the battery hen section -- where you would quietly take your seat.

If you buy a Fiat Uno 1.0, and you lose racing it against a Ferrari Testarossa, would you take it back to the dealer and complain that it was not fast enough? Of course, you would not!

If you order a bag of chips for 50p at my friend John's diner, and sit at the corner table, would you then expect him to bring you silver tea tray service, and complain when you do not receive it? Of course, not, that is a no-brainer! John would probably use colourful language and tell you where to go...

For low voltage and current applications, less than 20 V and 200 mA, these meters generally tend to perform fine. They can test transistors, capacitor values, and resistor values, and for hobby and non-critical use, they are overall OK. For £3.40, if it can do half the things it says it can, then I am impressed!

Now obviously, you are not going to use this for repairing the avionics circuitry of a Boeing 747, or use it for HVAC, because for that, you need specialist high-end meters and they require periodic certification and calibration. I know this because I work in the field!

I am always intrigued when I see meters this cheap and always interested in seeing how they perform, and how they are constructed. I generally never complain or give negative feedback, I have found many Chinese sellers to be very polite and they bend over backwards to provide customer satisfaction.

My attitude and character is very similar to Sir Richard Branson. I am always seeing the glass half-full, I am always polite, I give a big smile, and people always like to help me!

I hope my photographs showing the insides of these meters help the prospective buyers to compare different models and chipsets. It is in no way an endorsement, but just an article of great interest and visual information.

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