Multimeter Probes

Needle Tipped Test Leads

Multimeter probes are usually a set of test leads that have a standard jack connector at one end and a needle tipped pen at the other. The probe material is usually plastic and the plastic insulation requires certification for carrying large currents. There are many different types available, with different sizes, clips, and extensions, including price, and quality. I decided to get the “Universal” pen probes that were selling on eBay for the price of £1.00 including postage. The amazing thing was that the package came all the way from China, which is extraordinary value.

Needle Tipped
Universal Jack Plug
Wire Thickness
Pen Probes

For a pound, there is really no reason to complain much, and the main things I was looking for was the quality of the moulding and probe resistance, which both turned out to be satisfactory on my sample of one.

Material and Moulding

The wire insulation blends well with the plug and pen moulding forming a robust connection, therefore, these should last a few years longer than the cheap ones that came with the meter. If they do not, then I shall have to make my own probes as a DIY project!

eBay Seller
Package from China