Finlux 40F6073-D

Finlux 40F6073-D

The 40F6073-D is a 40-inch LED TV manufactured by the Windsor based Vestel Corporation for their Finlux brand name. This TV has full HD capability with 1080p resolution. It has a 100 Hz refresh rate providing a smooth glossy picture, built-in digital tuner providing sharp free-to-view channels, personal video recorder (PVR) function to record programs into a USB removable storage device, and a whole host of new capabilities.

Vestel is an extremely successful manufacturer of consumer electronics products and a leader in 3D television technology. They usually operate in partnership with some of the largest high-street retail outlets such as Argos, and major supermarkets.

PVR Function

USB Socket

The PVR function allows you to record and store programs onto a USB memory stick, or a USB hard drive. It is the equivalent of a jukebox because you can play all your recorded programs in succession without having to change the recording media. You can have a small box, sitting by the side of the TV, which stores all your favourite TV programs automatically and effortlessly. The storage device requires a FAT32 file system and USB 2.0 compliant port.

Interestingly, the PVR supports .mp3 and .jpeg file formats, and therefore you could use it to display pictures instead, or simply play music files as a jukebox.

This TV also has a timer and will automatically switch ON the built-in tuner to record a program, and then automatically switch OFF once it is complete. All the programs remain stored within a hard drive, and you can watch them at your convenience.

Over the years, we have all bought large bulky DVD recorders, and realised that usually they have cheap motors that wear out, and a laser that eventually burns out. Therefore, the move to PVR is going to be popular with people who want a clutter free and minimalist system that works extremely well.

Sockets and Connections

Sockets and Connections

For the aerial, ideally, you need one for digital terrestrial signals; however, I live close to Crystal Palace, and used a 20-year-old loft aerial that still works fine.

Cheapest 40 inch TV


If you are looking for the cheapest 40 inch television, then the Argos outlet on eBay often have grade B bargains going for less than £199.99. These are often well-known brand names such as Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, and Bush. The Tesco outlet on eBay also has a periodic sale, which is also well worth considering.

I bought this Finlux TV on eBay for £229.99, and my impression was that I was buying directly from the firm at the best price, however, their own website also sells directly to customers, and they sell it at £199.99 including free delivery. This is of course extremely annoying for eBay customers who overpaid by £29.99.

Overall, the technology is fine; however, where you buy it from makes a big difference to your pocket.


Rubber Feet
Install the Rubber Gromets
Installing the stand, and screw locations.
TV Stand

When you receive this TV, you will need to connect the supplied plastic stand to the main body using four screws. However, before you do that, the plastic stand has rubber feet supplied in a small bag, which you must insert into the base first.

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