Redmango Angora MR118

Angora MR118

The Angora MR118 is a Digital Audio Player manufactured by the Redmango Company. It is capable of playing MP3 and WMA compressed audio files.

This player uses the Artek AK2011 Microcontroller Audio Chip, which has a 24-bit DSP core providing a good sound quality. My particular player has a Hynix HY27UG088G5B, which is a NAND Flash memory chip with a 1 GB storage capacity. This player is available with different memory chips including 2 GB, and 4 GB memory capacity.

It has a 21-bit Digital to Analog converter based on the Sigma-Delta algorithm providing good sound quality.

The audio amplifier has a power output of 20 mW per channel into a 16-Ω voice coil earphone. The signal to noise ratio is 85 dB, which is great for such a small device. The player has an integrated USB plug, which connects directly to the USB port of a computer for the transfer of files.

Battery Compartment

The power consumption is 65 mW when decoding MP3 files and 80 mW when decoding WMA files. On average, the playback time is approximately 10 hours when using a single AAA dry cell.


Play button and LED Indicator

I did not encounter any problems with this player. However, if you have an old computer with corrupted USB drivers, then the usual communication and connection problems can occur as with all USB devices.

There are strange things that can occur with corrupted USB drivers. You can find devices connecting only once, or some devices connecting and others not connecting. Working within IT I have come across all the USB issues one can imagine.

The compressed audio files, whether MP3 or WMA, should be within the correct bit rate range of the internal decoder. I have mentioned what the bit rates are in the AK2011 microcontroller section. If you have files compressed with non-standard parameters then you might find very few players that are capable of decoding them.


Volume and Track Controls

The plus and minus symbols refer to setting the volume level, whilst the arrows refer to the tracks. Pressing the up arrow forwards to the next track.

On one side of the player, there is a non-locking button for the Play function. Pressing the same button again will stop the music.

On the other side of the player, there is a slide switch for the Hold function. This locks all the buttons so that accidental button presses do not change anything.

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