Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Review

The Galaxy Mega 6.3 is a mobile phone with a whopping 6.3 inches LCD display, made by the famous consumer electronics giant Samsung.

If you are looking to buy this wonderful mobile phone then the precise model name is GT-i9205, which comes with an 8 GB memory, as shown in this article. There are many photographs including the "un-boxing" so that you can see for yourself what one of these looks like. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the pictures in this multi-page article.

If you are looking for specifications then there is a page dedicated to that, however you can look at all the specs in the world until your head spins and still not know what to get. I hope that this article might help to make up your mind.

It is not just the megabytes and the gigahertz that matter but the overall performance is important as well. After all, a phone is more than the sum of its parts. Once you buy the phone, will you be able to get the apps for it cheaply? How does it perform displaying Google Maps? How quick is the browsing? How clear is the screen? I looked at all of these concerns and compared it with the Note 2, Note 3, iPhone4, iPhone5, and even the Sony Xperia Z. After hours of racking my brain I came up with the conclusion that, overall, the Samsung Galaxy Mega was the right choice for me.

It was the day 12 of January 2014 and I figured I had better get a new phone to make myself look respectable again. The current phone I had was an old iPhone and my intention was to buy perhaps a Note 2 or Xperia. Unfortunately, when I saw the large and clear size of the Galaxy Mega I was blown away. I just had to have it because one of the most important things for me is to be able to see the screen without having to search for my reading glasses.

All the megabytes and the gigahertz are useless if I cannot see the screen properly because let us face it, this is the one aspect of a mobile device that everyone relies upon, all other concerns are secondary.

On the RHS, you have this wonderfully understated power button. It can take you ages to figure out where they have put the power button, and this is it. This is a unique design feature not found on other brand names.

The best phone in the world!

I just love this phone! I predict that 2014 will be the year of the Samsung Galaxy Mega, this year the sales are going to skyrocket so get one before stocks run out! Nearly all the shops are selling this model and I looked around Argos, Amazon, eBay, and loads of phone shops to find the cheapest price. Even My friend Rufus... managed to get his on the O2 package and I figured that this was probably the best option.

If you just buy the phone, then you can also use your Pay As You Go SIM card instead of signing a contract. However, some of the contracts with O2 and T-Mobile are a great deal and worth the money if you are using your phone for Internet access.

The price of this phone can vary quite a bit, and there are many on eBay auction for sale. Compared to the price in Malaysia, and the price in Qatar, the UK eBay was providing the best deal.

A huge advantage of buying Samsung is of course the Google Operating System Android. With this, you can get regular updates for the phone, and developers can make custom apps.

As a programmer, I have a number of special 007 style apps that I plan to run on Android so this is a very good option. In fact, this very webpage uses special code, which is designed to work well on Android mobile phones.

On the LHS, you have this wonderful volume control. I just love the attention to detail in the design, and this is one of the reasons why Samsung have been leading the industry. Getting a Samsung means getting the best from an innovator and no doubt all the other brand names will be following their technology.

The Processor

Under the hood is the 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset, which is one of the most powerful processors available for handheld devices today.

Do not forget that a faster processor with more cores consumes more power. Samsung have done something very clever here. They are using a mid-range processor architecture running at 1.7 GHz, which provides a much better battery life.

With this System on Chip (SoC) processor, you get a far better overall performance compared to the competition, however, this processor is a dual core, which allows it to multi-thread making screen rendering, and surfing smoother than ever before. When you combine this with a lean operating system like Android 4.2 and you get remarkable performance.

It is not surprising that this processor runs rings around their competitor's quad core processors. Samsung's processor utilises the Krait CPU architecture, which is one of the best in the mobile phone industry. It interfaces directly with the Adreno GPU to provide exceptionally fast throughput. This is one of the reasons why graphic intensive apps such as games run so fast, and for most of us, it means that the phone will be able to pull those maps and display them instantly.

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