Alba CCP1 AM/FM Radio Cassette Player

Alba CCP1

The Alba CCP1 was a stereo AM/FM radio cassette player manufactured in China by the Alba Corporation. This was an extremely basic budget end player to compete with the Walkman market, and many would see it as a cheap and cheerful disposable alternative.

This player is very similar to the Bush PSR358 utilising the same three button plastic mechanism and chassis, however the PCB and chipset are better. The build quality is also better overall.

The headphones that came with this player were basic, and if you replaced them with a pair of Sony high-end headphones, the sound was greatly improved.


Cassette Player Front View

The basis for the audio circuit is the Mitsumi LAG668F integrated circuit (IC), which is a single chip stereo walkman solution. It contains the preamplifiers, power amplifier, and the motor regulator circuitry.

In addition, the audio chip has a bass boost capability, with its filter response determined by three resistors and one capacitor. It is an ideal player for modification if you want a custom bass sound.

The radio circuitry is utilises the CD2003GP single chip radio solution. It is a good chip used mainly by radio enthusiasts because it requires very few external components. It probably works out cheaper these days to buy this player then to buy the components to make the radio.

Alba always makes excellent products that are affordable and well manufactured.

Cost / eBay

This was a mass produced item made in China to a reasonable standard of finish. They often turn up on eBay and cost a few pounds depending upon the condition. Generally it is a reliable player with the most typical issue being the drive belt slipping.

In the following sections of this article, you can see the PCB, audio head, motor, and tape transport mechanism, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the pictures.

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Alba CCP1
Alba CCP1 AM/FM Radio Cassette Player
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Alba CCP1 Mechanism
Alba CCP1 Tape Transport
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