Panasonic RQ-SX20 / RQ-SX10

Panasonic RQ-SX20

The RQ-SX20 and RQ-SX10 is a series of stereo cassette players manufactured by the Panasonic Corporation in the early 2000 at the Matsushita Electric facility in Osaka, Japan. This was Panasonic’s solution to compete with the extremely popular Sony Walkmans.

This player has the BA3232K audio processor chip by ROHM, which provides 4 mW RMS maximum into a 32 Ω load. The electronic design also utilises the AN7379NSH chip to provide Dolby B noise reduction functionality.

This unit also has a full in-line remote control facility, and it comes complete with the remote control together with the headphones.

Tape Controls

In this multi-part article, you can see the inside of this unit, and one noticeable feature is that is has a disc stepper motor just as one would find in a high-end Sony Walkman. Although the technologies used are comparable, there is a huge difference in sound, which is well worth experiencing.

One great feature of this stereo cassette player is that it has a high-speed music search capability, and in the search mode, the speed is 25 times faster. It works by looking for the silent gaps between music titles.

Cassette Compartment Lid Button

It is a very small player measuring just 108 mm × 75 mm × 20 mm, and weighs 160 g. It is small enough to fit into the top pocket of a shirt.


I love the nicely designed and crafted controls, which also work well. Panasonic products always have a great style to them yet maintaining simplicity. I wish I were their CEO, as I would love to design some new products for them.

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Panasonic RQ-SX20 / RQ-SX10
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