Sony WM-EX194

Sony WM-EX194

The WM-EX194 is a stereo cassette player Walkman manufactured by the Sony Corporation. It is a basic player, which provides up to 25 hours playback time and has the popular MEGABASS function.

This was a basic cassette player with a plastic case for the budget end of the market, however it utilises some useful advancements in technology. The audio circuit uses the LB8115 audio IC manufactured by the Toshiba Corporation. This IC was also utilised in the Sony WM-FX193. This was one of the most advanced ICs, which produced a good sound, and operated on a single 1.5 V battery.

This Walkman also utilises a stepper motor, which provides an extremely smooth tape speed and consumes very little power.

The sound quality is actually quite good providing you use a good pair of headphones. I do not have the original ones that came with this model but I would expect them to be average in frequency response.

A great feature of this player is that you could expect to obtain 25 hours of playing time using two AA sized batteries.

Classic Player


I like the plastic shape and design, and the raised Sony logo looks smart.



On the side is the AVLS switch, rotary volume control, and a standard headphone socket. AVLS is the volume limiting system to prevent the player from producing the maximum volume level, which could be dangerous to your ears.



This is a very affordable product made to a reasonable specification using modern plastics and materials. It is ideal for any collector who might appreciate good engineering.

This is a lovely Walkman worth buying.

Cost / eBay

This player is a nice example of technology from history, and since they no longer make them, they might increase in price over time. This model was mass-produced, and therefore there are many of them around in attics.

A player on its own might fetch around two pounds, however with headphones; it might fetch five pounds, and with the box in mint condition, you could make a tidy packet.

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