Sony Walkman WM-EX612

Sony Walkman WM-EX612

The WM-EX612 and WM-EX622 were stereo cassette Walkmans manufactured by the Sony Corporation in approximately 1995. They were both identical, except the WM-EX622 was the “Tourist Model”. Their tape transport mechanism was identical to the WM-EX510, and therefore, many spare parts from this model will work on the others. These were extremely small and light players, measuring 108.5 mm × 79.6 mm × 22.7 mm, and weighing 135 g.

The sound quality on this Walkman is one of the best I have come across, it utilises the BA3612AKV single chip audio amplifier that is packed with great functions including Dolby B. The power output is 5 mW per channel in a 16 Ω load, and it all operates on a single AA battery that lasts almost forever.

When new, they came with a NC-6WM rechargeable battery, which is a 1.2 V NiCad type with a capacity of 600mAh. The unit could also receive power through a socket using a mains adapter AC-E15HC.

This player has an in-line remote control providing full tape control. The physical controls are simple yet elegant and understated. There are three levels of MEGA BASS on one switch, and a Dolby switch to the side. The bass can be a little heavy and you really need the supplied headphones with this player, but it does sound fantastic.

I used my specially recorded tapes with digitally enhanced bass and treble boost and it does sound very clear with the correct sound fields.


Tape Controls

The tape controls are very stylish and simple.

Any Sony product from Akio Morita’s time is good enough for me!

Cost / eBay

These players were high-end models hence there are not very many around. I managed to get a broken one, which had acid damage due to a leaking battery, and I was determined to restore it to working condition again. It was worth it as the sound quality is very good.

A broken one on its own might go for as little as a few pounds, however a working one in mint condition with the original box could fetch a tidy packet on a good day.

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